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◼︎ Omnichannel marketing
◼︎ Personalized journey
◼︎ Web personalization
◼︎ Content management
◼︎ Social interaction
◼︎ New sales / Upsell
◼︎ Customer management
◼︎ Deal distribution
◼︎ Connect Sales & Operations
◼︎ Omnichannel service
◼︎ SLA
◼︎ Customer Feedback & Sentiment
◼︎ Churn prevention
◼︎ Field work
▶︎ Marketing Cloud
▶︎ Pardot
▶︎ Sales Cloud
▶︎ Financial Services
▶︎ Manufacturing Cloud
▶︎ Service Cloud
▶︎ Field Service
▶︎ Consumer Goods
Artificial intelligence
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Case Study
Stokker & GBC Team
More than 50 Stokker's employees in 4 countries are already using Salesforce CRM in their everyday work routine. Empowered by the Sales Cloud technologies all the website requests land directly into the system, where their further path is completely transparent.

The company already benefits from the platform advantages: sales datais in order and every lead is 100% processed. Lead conversion transparency has increased by 30%, the sales cycle has accelerated, the quality of leads has improved, and the clear analytics is collected to respond and adapt the processes accordingly.

A unified view of customer data throughout the company, which makes it possible to track the history of each customer and plan strategic issues, improved the win rate and deal value by 7%.
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